Ways to Leverage Storytelling on Social Media

Induce a Reaction

Some studies have point out where information gaps exist, readers experience a sense of suspense, and this curiosity leads them to click for more information. 

  • Short n’ sweet
  • Target with gorgeous visuals
  • Includes a desire & suspense
  • Focus towards a bigger  interesting story

Mix Passion with Practicality

In the digital marketing industry, where 5% of branded content attracts 90% of the total engagement, great storytelling is needed more than ever.

However, great storytelling doesn’t mean a lot of storytelling. As always, quality over quantity should be the rule, plan for a content and creative social media calender to help you through out this journey 

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Make a mix of Your Social Media Stories with Your Brand Story

Brand storytelling must start with a story. So add up some mixtures of emotions with your brand to get the desired affinity and trust, create the solution through your brand and relate the story.

social media marketing is used to tell your brand’s story, not simply to sell your service or product. Users/viewers can detect quickly if you’re using it as just another simple way to make money if they think your stories seem gimmicky or just not genuine they will forever reject you... you do not want that right. So how to do it?

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Posted in Social media on Sep 14, 2019

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